hi guys,

has anyone worked with the CE5 app from Steven Greer?

Also, does anyone have a map of who to contact or not in the ET world?

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They offer physical and free digital copies of many works,. These works include information relating to what you are asking about. Though that is not the core of the message, you may find it of note.

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Hello I am new here you can call me cosmic see I been practicing telekinesis and I been slacking anyways well from what I learn is a powerful aura is needed and also your hand chakras must be possible well how can I acting hand chakras not just that but all of them any tips or advice
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Wow, funny about this question — it’s how I found this site in the first place. I downloaded the CE5 App (2.5 years ago) and did the cosmic structure meditation — BAM! Had one of those “singularity” moments (best way I can describe?)... since then, it opened my mind to realize there’s something to all this... and of course then stumbled across SAJ here, and all the related topics. In terms of who or who not to talk to in the ET world... I try to focus on feeling of light and love and unity. That should keep you from meeting anything that may have a different reason to “chat.” 🙂 P.S. I’m not pretending I’ve met any aliens in person — don’t think I have *yet!?* All the best to you. I think it’s worth trying the meditations and hearing what he has to share. What you pay attention to, seems to come into your life, so I guess if that’s what you want hanging around, it can happen with enough desire and detachment. [I’m over-explaining based on my current understanding]. 
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