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Before you begin this exercise you should first be able to feel your energy on a physical level and have full control over it.
The exercise - Begin by standing up. Breath with your throat slightly constricted and breath in energy from the air and channel it to your stomach area. Then at the same time channel the energy from the base of your spine also into your stomach area. After you have all that energy in your stomach area flex your stomach muscles to raise the density and force the energy to expand outward. Each day you do you should have stronger energy.
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Right on it's definitely something I've never heard about before. Personally my favorite lower dan Tian technique is the one Sifu Amin Jani teaches on YouTube. 
I'm going to try it out and let you know how it works out for me 
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This is a basic projecting video it will help anyone learning the basics do all kinetic abilities.
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Great stuff guys.
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have you been in a situation in which
your enegy field is affecting electronic devices,
in such way that you cant use them anymore?
a) they get damaged
b) they start acting weird as you approach them
c)getting close to light bulbs, electric sockets or high tension cables feels very uncomfortable/ painful?
if the answer is yes, what do you do in such cases?  

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@Dewayne , great video mate,  kudos to you!!!   \m/
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