After studying at the Chinese center of health sciences in Oakland California from a tai chi master that if we are aware of our energy and space we can control our presents. We are all like psychic sponges feeling each other. So I started experimenting with this. Amongst crowds I thought I would just think that nobody could see me and imagine myself  invisible . I noticed different reactions as opposed to walking out in public with my gong on LOL I mean beaming my flight for all to see. But I noticed we do have control of the presents around us and how we want to be seen. Any thoughts?
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I once meditated, creating a triangle between my open outstretched arms/hands, palms pointing toward the main energy centers. I began feeling each center with my palms, moving from top to bottom,. Feeling first the large ball of energy over head, I moved down my body toward my lowest center, feeling each as i went by; articulating my palms and feeling the magnetic field. I believe this moved energy through these main channels drawing from the large pool of energy over head.


Sifu Amin was watching me do this and warned that if i continued i would become invisible. This broke my concentration. I have never done this again, but the information may be helpful in your endeavor.


May this help as much as possible.



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