Sifu Amin Jani sifuaminjani
I have had reoccurring dreams about being Timujin Khan ( The original Genghis Khan ) ever since I was a child. Later in life and before I even knew how he was, my history teacher in collage told me I looked just like him, and even crazier, a tai chi master who trained me, told me that he believed I was him and that he was one of my generals.

Please share your stories! 🙂

Thank you,
- Sifu Amin Jani
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That’s so cool! I believe our souls leave imprints and grey matter is the space between all atoms that physicists call inter dimension connection. 
How you apply this in your studies?

My reoccurring dreams, I had a brother and our family sold sausage in Germany. Ate it too much I’m all set now 😬
2. Being in a large whitish marble mansion in the Roman days. I fell and died. 

But Bruce Lee is my fav. Khan is awesome👍
do you practice martial art weapons?
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Hello All,

My dream is..
I standing on a plateau at the edge of an abyss. Lot of people behind me. They are my pursuers, like witch hunters. Before they could catch me, I just jump into the abyss.
I open my arms and I just fall and fall like flying.. when I almost reach the ground, I wake up, like when you fall back into your body. Always this is the end. Fall back into my body. 
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