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Hello there, this is my first post! So, this post is about my past life, where I lived, what was my lifestyle, a little about "me" and other misc stuff. I don't guarantee that all of the information could be 100% true. I hope you enjoy & feel free to share your thoughts and your past life stories :grinning: .


Serena Malkowitz was my ego name from 70's till near the end of 2000's. My real astral name is Lelina, I am male in physical btw but in case you didn't knew astral bodies can have their own gender and name and other stuff independently. I was born in USA, Utah, Scofield. Which I think  explains my connection to English language and why I learned it quickly in this life; I am from one small country from Balkan peninsula; and American culture and stuff.

I went to  school in Utah. I went to high school in Texas.   My family was okay, no drama was there or what so ever. I was an introverted female with big imagination and darkness   :smiling_imp: .


I was mostly crushed in this life due to extreme social anxiety and depression, which is what I signed up for right when I was about to incarnate, to learn lessons and gain experience. But, music, daydreaming and practicing magic helped me in those harsh times. All of these hardships reflected on this current life in order to prepare me here, till March 2019 they relieved a bit because that was the time I reconnected to my spiritual guides :smile:

I am still dealing with past life karmas today, hurray! I would, due to anxiety and depression, just spend most of my time daydreaming about the things I would do (as a kid and mid teenage years) and wish I could do (as an adult). Just listening to my favorite songs Ioudly streaming into my eardrums like they are some sort of drugs, just to fill me up, like some hospital devices keeping me alive. I wasn't like other people which would be called normal, I was different, and still am in this life. I practiced some yoga stuff and other practices like mudras and breathing. I think I also practiced black magic but never really achieved anything from it, besides I was just innocent my whole 30 years till the "end", also Chaos magic.

I was artistically talented, from doodles, to illustrations and possibly realism from graphite pencil drawings.


My favorite singer was Van Morrison and my fav band Dire Straits. The one song, from Van Morrison which stroke through my soul with resonance was and still is "Comfortably numb", check it out you will surely like it. Feels so nostalgic. "Brothers in arms" and "Money for nothing" from Dire Straits. And I feel homesick for the energies I experienced in my past life. I also listened to rock, heavy metal and progressive rock.

I enjoyed comic books too. Video games. Reading scientific articles and watching such documentaries. I was always striving to learn some


Now, how did I die and where: I died by tripping and falling down the basement stairs and breaking my neck :sweat: , in London, UK. I am planning to visit my grave there one day, for fun.


I think this is all that I can remember about my previous life, one dense cocoon filled with inner worlds of daydreaming, esoteric practices, spirit-crushing experiences, fear, depression, lessons I learned and experiences I needed to have due to mu soul plan and God energy wanting to experience itself, and preparation for the hardships I had and maybe will still have some in future. I might scan the previous life of this one, before my Serena version; I was a Chinese woman, but I'll leave it for the next post maybe. Have a good day :heart: .

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