Matthew Robert Ledbetter MattRLedbetter90
"In a world full of suffering, we must learn to generate our own happiness"
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You can do this when you wake up
or any time you remember it,
even if you are walking
This truly works
Here we go:

Thank the universe/ god/ higher self/ anything you consider that's helping you from "above"; for the following:
the amazing day you are having
the cool people around you
the fun in your life
love in our life
because you feel great
because you bring light to others do the same with you
because the people you care about and also say thanks because they are healthy
because the world is getting every day a more peaceful and fantastic place to be
because people understand each other better everyday and learn to leave in a more loving, peaceful way..

add to this list anything you care about,
including things you have and things you want to happen,
put it in present, say thanks for it and feel is in your life now.
The feeling element is important.

For the closing
Ask this to be in harmony with you, with all the people around you and with the world in general,
this means everybody is happy and safe when the mentioned things are happening.

Feel happy about it and continue your life normally

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