Sifu Amin Jani sifuaminjani
I mentioned before that LD occurs during REM and that AP is the zone between waking and falling asleep. OBE can occur at anytime and is not in a dream or astral plane but the real world. This is also different than Remote Viewing because RV occurs in a waking alpha state and only your mind travels viewing images and not movie like footage. 

Hope that clears it up for most of you!

Best wishes!!!!!

Thank you,
- Sifu Amin Jani
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Thank you for your response! I found my self walking around my house and my fingers went through the light switches.
I first had a LD and realized it so as a 2nd grader I naturally thought to take a stick and lift the back of her dress up up😬
i was like l, What I’m not going to get in trouble for it... glad I got that out of my system.
and you memorable experiences??
So many different states and so little education. I’m glad we are here🙂🌸🙏
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