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Ok, before we get into exact flight techniques, there is a certain feeling that one must receive to dramatically increase your chances of flight occurring earlier. This feeling is the feeling of flying before. Now some might say they have felt it before, but it might have been a 20/30/40% of what it feels like to fly. That's good, use that to increase your training. But the thing about this specific feeling is that it's to the point where you know you can fly or levitate at any moment. I really can't explain it, but when you get it, you will know what it is. It is almost as you are able to levitate without using energy, but just that feeling alone. I have generated this feeling, and it comes from my heart.

I would suggest studying birds. Not really doing deep research, but just watching them fly can help. Notice, when ever someone sees a bird fly, they see them using there wings. But are they really using them to fly or to assist in flight? There are some birds, that when they spread out their wings, they start to glide and descend. But there are birds that can ascend and descend when their wings are spread put and not flapping. Then you have your birds that have wings, and when used they can't fly or can barely glide. Maybe the ones that can fly are already tapped into that feeling. An example of this would be Blue from the movie "Rio". He couldn't fly until a certain situation happened causing that specific feeling needed to activate his flight. Of course it's an animated movie, but look at the overall flight aspect of it.

If you find that specific feeling and combined it with your ki energy, the results will be shocking. Trust me I know. I've had really good experiences that I must get back. Now to move on forward in your flight training, below will be some Ki energy techniques that can used to assist in your flight training. But remember that feeling of flight is the main thing that will help your flight training move at a faster pace. Enjoy, train safe and do not get discouraged.

Ki Techniques for Flight

So when you start your flight training, you want to meditate for at least 20MINUTES a day on flight, nothing else but flight, that is a definite must. As the days go by, if you want, you can increase the amount time you mediate to get faster and better results. After the meditation, immediately go into the training exercises. Here are a few techniques to initiate one into flight.

Technique 1. Stand shoulder width apart with your feet together. Next concentrate on your ki energy within your Dan-then or your entire body. Next visualize the energy going down your legs to beneath your feet. Take the energy under you and shape it to something you prefer to stand on. (Examples), plate,carpet,disc,etc. What ever you choose does not matter. Now concentrate on that energy until you can feel and know every detail about it, I.e what it feels like, is it hot or cold, tingly, magnetic, does it feel like air, how it effects you physically, and your surroundings. Once that is established, take that energy and push it up. You must FEEL it and VISUALIZE it pushing you up. That's very important. If done correctly you will start to feel yourself rise. A modified version of this would be when you are sending energy from you dan-tien to underneath you, take energy from around you and put underneath you as well to strengthen your own energy and increase the chance and effect of flight occurring.

Technique 2. When standing in your comfortable position, have your ki go to your feet and shoot out like a rocket, pushing you up into the air. Just as before, you must feel and visualize it. You can think about the harrier jet to get a better understanding of the takeoff

Technique 3. First take your ki energy and charge it up within yourself. After that, surround your entire body with it. You could make it Like a bubble or something similar. Next push the energy up, while also pushing up the energy inside of you to cause levitation. Try to build emotional intent to help you reach lifting up. These are just a few techniques you could use to achieve flight. Creating your own technique is possible as well. Just remember the most important step, to FEEL it out.
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One must increase buoyancy through the cleaning of the body and breath work. Focus and concentration training for sustained practice is quite valuable. Stand or sit on scale, breathe, check weight before and after. You will see that breathing in certain ways will increase buoyancy(make you physically lighter), explore in this way to find yourself lighter than the air around you.

May this be as helpful as it can be



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Hey Ctreo,


I follow your youtube channel, did you really get to the point of flying using your ki?Or is it jsut a sensation of it?

I m seasonned qigong and energy practicionner, I can do some cool things but If I would like to fly just using ki.. well I don't know anybody who has enough dense ki to do it. I did those techniques you say some years before but you can have some feelings but man... flying? If you want to negate the gravity of the earth by generating a strong enough magnetic field or to push by the chi you generated... the amount needed is insane! From your videos where you push a variety of things with your ki blows, I can tell you just don't have enough for those techniques you mentionned ...


By the way the things you do are great but I think walking on water would be a more easy goals.


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I do greatly appreciate your response. I know it will be difficult using only my energy to achieve flight, but that makes it more interesting and beneficial in the long run. I have not reached flight yet, but the sensations are getting stronger and more physical.
-Impossibility comes from a limited mind.
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Ok wish luck and strong will.

I would want to fly someday but my first objective is to run than walk on water 🙂 

I will implement my trainning plan when my body is completly at ease.

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Zion Mrly doomly
always strive to be greater ctreo!
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