Zion Mrly doomly
Hello fellow kinetics! My name is Zion and during training i've learn a state in which a user can become one with themselves and universal energy at will with just a thought. this is called the flow state.
For anyone interested ill update this topic for more information
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Zion Mrly doomly
Now what is the flow state exactly? 

well the flow state is a state of mind that lets the user become one with their energy but still be in a state of control with the mind. 
think of it as like the force in star wars (very similar by the way).
the flow state can bring many benefits to the human body. i personally feel that training the body and eating healthy is a side effect of constantly working on being one with the mind body and soul. but this usually has a daily routine that goes along with it. the flow state can help around that area with being focus and putting effort in keeping that routine going. another thing that the flow state helps in is telekinesis.


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Zion Mrly doomly
how do i get into the flow state. 

ive found one great way to help achieve a flow is to do breath work. if you work with ki or chi energy you'll find it much easier. 

now in the flow state your suppose to let energy flow through you in order for things to work in your favor. a good way to do this, is to using the power of thought. 

in the flow state you become more aware of your thoughts and if your thoughts are controlled to a extent that which you could focus on a object for at least five mins then you wont have much of a problem controlling your energy. so if your into ki blast the flow state can help relax your mind to let more energy flow through your body same story for telekinesis. 

Keep in mind that your mind has to be calm in order to let your thoughts become one with your intentions.
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