When your stomach is empty, your mind and body can work very efficiently. When doing works of a metaphysical or physical nature you will be sharper and able to do things with a relative ease.


Fasting for 8 hours or more between meals is an excellent practice. Your body is only able to clean itself and preform maintainance while it is not processing food. This is valuable information for those looking to clean their bodies for higher levels of energy conductivity or simply to lose weight or have a better metabolic system.


Another excellent practice is to eat enough fiber to help your body pass what you have eaten within 2-3 hours. Of all the food you eat, at least 50% should be living foods. Unprocessed.


More important than what you eat is what you drink. Your body is comprised of 70% or so of water. The quality of the water is important. It's purity, it's salinity, and it's structure are very very important. For purity we have distillation, filtration, and reverse osmosis. For salinity, unrefined salt or trace minerals and electrolytes. Ormus is another interesting substance that can provide salinity. For structure I recommend a water structure device which harnesses a magnetic toroid similar to the earths' magnetic toroidal field. I made one out of PVC tubing, marbles and a washer with 2 magnets north poles facing each other.


May this help as much as possible.



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