Sifu Amin Jani sifuaminjani
OK, so this has been 10 years in the making and people have been waiting for ever! It is finally here! 🙂

I've put together a TK training course so that everyone can learn fast and safely.

Now, heads up, there is a sign up fee. I am charging $45, because of several reasons.

1. It took me years of learning and training get to the point were I could create this.
2. It took a lot of time and work to sit here and create the content and then record the videos.
3. It costs me over $100 a month just to run this site. So every sign up supports this whole community.
4. I always give so much away for free.
5. I need to eat. I need to earn an income from this if I wish to provided it. It takes time and money to create and run a site.
6. People who pay end up actually learning the material and practice it. Most the time when something is learned for free, people don't pressure them self to apply it.
7. What I teach and how I teach it, is priceless.


Hope to see you all on the other side! 😃

Thank you,
-Sifu Amin Jani
Thank you,
- Sifu Amin Jani
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